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About Mick Oxley

One day Mick Oxley began to paint. Endlessly fascinated by the natural world on his doorstep, he became engrossed with light and texture - and personal expression captured within the fleeting moments of a crashing wave or a glimpse into the otherworld of a rock pool.

His work consists of two main types. Firstly, watercolour and acrylic seascapes which are a response to the changing weather, the scudding clouds and the roll of the sea. This work is influenced by, among others, Turner and Len Tabner who is a great observer of the North Sea.

Secondly, the more textural works take their inspiration from the shoreline adjoining his home and the rock pools left stranded by the ebb tide. This has become a medium for experiment, Catching light and shade of the natural world in bold gesso textures, vibrant acrylic paints and fleeting jewel-like inks. Repeatedly seen forms and motion transcribed into texture, the interplay of colour, fleeting light with flora and water; all fascinate the artist.

a lazy grace production